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Working with Jack was absolutely great. His style of one-on-one instruction really worked well for me, and allowed me to focus on exactly the sections on which I need to improve. He is a very knowledgeable, experienced instructor, and I am confident in saying that my final SAT score would have been substantially lower had I not worked with Maine Prep. Also through my work with Jack I was able to do well enough on the PSAT to qualify as a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist. I have been recommending him to all who will be taking the SAT in the months to come, as I think his help was undeniably valuable. —Alexander Mukai, Cape Elizabeth ’16; Brown ’20

As a student who had researched SAT strategies, I was at first skeptical about how much an SAT course could actually improve my knowledge and score on the test. However, It became quickly evident after the first class, that the tips and tricks I had taught myself about the SAT were only small portions of what there actually was to know. I was blown away by how much you could increase your score, just by knowing some statistics about types of answer choices. These strategies and statistics were not something I could have found online, and for this reason, I contribute my 600 point increase from my Sophomore PSAT to my Junior SAT entirely to Maine Prep. It was extremely helpful to have a highly qualified individual grade and give feedback on an actual SAT essay, and because of this guidance and support, I was able to score a 12 on the essay as a Junior. I highly recommend this course to any student taking the SAT. It was not just any generic SAT course; it not only boosted my score, but it also boosted my confidence in taking standardized tests. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this course!Melissa Ertman, Scarborough ’15; Smith ’19

Starting with Maine Prep before the PSAT’s of my Junior year, I was more than skeptical of test prep. Coming out of the experience now, I would say I am one of its biggest advocates. I was able to learn to open doors in my mind that lead me to correct answers rather than memorizing rules and vocabulary words. When I sat down at my desk on those Saturday mornings of the SAT, it didn’t feel as if I was taking the test alone. I could hear Jack’s voice in my head telling me how to calculate probability and to never forget the reasonable rule. Besides the obvious benefit of my increase in scores, I didn’t mind going to test prep every week. It was never something I dreaded because it wasn’t a waste of time. I would highly recommend Maine Prep to students of all skill levels looking to boost their scores.Julia Anastos, Yarmouth ’14; Georgetown ’18